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Cold rolled steel strip manufacturers tell you about the defects and measures of cold rolled steel strip production
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

Today, the cold-rolled steel strip manufacturers Huajiao Xiaobian tells everyone about the defects and solutions that are easy to occur in the production process of cold-rolled steel strips.

Roll printing : the board surface is a bit shaped, block-shaped, strip-shaped protrusions or recessed into the gap. Countermeasure: It is necessary to prevent the flying of the steel strip from various impurities to affect the quality of the roll surface. Confirm the hardness of the work rolls in rolling and TM engineering. The purity of the ANN shielding gas ensures that the scale is prevented from being produced.
Bonding: During the annealing process , the steel plate and the steel plate are closely adhered to each other (the ECL tension is too large), and then the TM portion is separated to form a crescent-shaped flaw, which occurs intermittently or continuously at the same position on the surface of the steel sheet.
Countermeasures: Appropriate adjustment of the annealing process cycle ; adjustment of the take-up tension of the pre-engineering (ECL), and adjustment of the annealing cycle according to the suitability of the material and the reduction ratio during the rolling process. The thermocouple of the annealing unit is completely and correctly managed.
Indentation: Foreign matter adheres to the roller and is then printed on the surface of the board. Countermeasure : The inspection of the roll surface of each project found that the defects were handled in time. The coil should be handled in a suitable position (good location). Education for operators to improve the level of operation. The corresponding arrangement refers to the lifting hook.
Sawtooth edge: the edge of the steel plate is jagged and severely cracked. Countermeasure : Check the status of the disc scissors piece on the PPL project (per-volume per roll), adjust the gap and overlap. In PPL engineering and cold rolling engineering, proper adjustment (operational problems) of the centering device.

Tree pattern: This defect is shaped like a tree-like and feather-like shape, with partial or continuous irregularities on both sides, wrinkles along the rolling direction, and severe cracking and delamination on the surface. Countermeasure : Balanced by maintaining the rolling and flattening reduction. It is necessary to maintain the proper bending of the work rolls and the alignment of the steel strips. 3) Measure the thickness of the steel strips in the PPL project to confirm whether the thickness of the H/C is uniform.

The above are some of the defects and solutions that are likely to occur in the production process of cold-rolled steel strips brought by the cold-rolled steel strip manufacturers . More relevant information can be found on the official website of China.