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Cold Rolled Steel Belt manufacturers tell you the advantages and disadvantages of cold rolled steel strip
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

Cold rolling produced by steel belt manufacturersSteel BeltIn the present life is more and more widely used, in the use of many consumers are only aware of the benefits of cold-rolled steel belt, but do not know what the cold rolled steel belt and what are the shortcomings, the followingCold rollingSteel belt ManufacturersWah-brandedLet's give you a detailed introduction to cold rolling.Steel BeltOfAdvantages andInsufficient.

Advantages:Extremely thin to get hot rolling methods that are hard to get.Steel Belt(Thin up to 0.001mm)Can make the product has a very high and wide range of mechanical properties and process propertiescan be guaranteed to obtain high precision size, thickness deviation is small, alongSteel BeltThe width and length of the thickness of uniform, good plate shape, smooth surface of a variety ofSteel belt.Low cost and high efficiencyRolling speed is fast and has high productivity.

Insufficient:There is a periodic sag on the surface of the strip, which causes the phenomenon to be too tight when the packaging oil is pressed, or there are impurities in it, the surface of the sleeve is not cleaned, or the surface is uneven, the surface is stains. The color of the strip surface is not uniform, or there are stains, the reason is that the surface of the strip is not clean, or clean is not in place; the quality of the lubricant is too poor. The surface of the strip occasionally appears gray-white corrosion products, the reasons for the plate quenching washing, did not remove the residual on its surface of the acid or alkali, etc., the plate belt storage is not properly stored, there is water and gas intrusion into its surface, corrosion; there are some substances in the lubricant that can corrode the strip;

The above isCold rollingSteel belt ManufacturersFor you to introduce the cold rollingSteel BeltOfAdvantages andShortcomings, but many problems as long as the use of storage in the process can be avoided, so we should pay attention to the storage and transportation environment when using.