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Cold Rolled Steel Belt manufacturers tell you the raw material properties of cold rolled steel strip
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The cold-rolled steel strip isHot Rolled coilAs raw material, at room temperature in theRecrystallization temperatureThe following rolling, including plates and rolls, many domestic steel mills such as Baosteel, Wisco, Angang and so on can be produced. One of the deliveries is called a steel plate, also known as a box plate or flat plate, long length, roll delivery of the called Steel Belt, also known as coil.SoCold Rolled Steel Belt manufacturersHua branded to tell you about it.Cold Rolled Steel StripOfRaw material properties and characteristic uses

Raw material performance: Cold rolled steel strip production is a finishing process of steel strip rolling. The raw material of cold rolled steel strip is hot-rolled steel strip. In order to obtain high quality cold-rolled steel strip, it is necessary to have good hot rolled steel strip raw materials to ensure. The chemical composition, purity and control of hot rolling process of steel have great influence on the organization and performance of the final cold rolled steel strip products. The dimensions, plate shape and surface state of the hot-rolled steel strip will directly affect the dimensional accuracy, shape and surface quality of the cold rolled steel strip. Controlling the chemical composition of steel during steelmaking is the basis of ensuring the production of high-quality cold-rolled steel strip, and the chemical composition of steel is closely related to the forming performance of steel strip. The effect of carbon content of steel on the forming performance of steel strip is realized by affecting the yield limit and plastic strain ratio of steel. Carbon is one of the most significant elements to improve the strength of steel, the carbon content increases, the yield limit increases, the plastic strain ratio decreases, and the forming performance becomes worse. 

Cold rolled steel has good performance, that is, cold rolled steel with thinner thickness and higher precision can be obtained by cold rolling.Takeand steel plates,High flatnessHighGlossy surfaceHighCold Rolled PlateSurface clean and bright, easy to paint processing, many varieties, a wide range of uses, at the same time withStamping performanceHigh and occasional effects,Yield pointLow characteristics, so cold-rolled plate with a wide range of applications, mainly used in automobiles, printed iron barrels, construction, building materials, bicycles and other industries, but also productionOrganic Coated Steel PlateThe best material selection

The above isCold Rolled Steel Belt manufacturersHua branded to bring you aboutCold Rolled Steel StripOfRaw material properties and characteristics of the use.