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Anhui Steel Belt Manufacturers tell you the reason for the deformation of steel belt
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

Why does the steel belt deform? TodayAnhuiSteel BeltHua-branded steel beltLet's introduce you to the cause of the deformation problem in the steel belt.

To analyze the deformation of the steel strip, we must first talk about the internal stress of the steel strip. The internal stress of the steel strip refers to the stress of the interaction between different tissues in the steel strip, even if it is a steel strip with a straight eye that looks flat, especially in the steel strip with good shape after tension or curl, there is more or less internal stress. Obviously, for the steel strip material with good plasticity, it is easy to produce deformation under the same stress and there is a small residual internal stress, but for the high strength steel strip material, the deformation is difficult and the residual internal stress is larger. If the internal stress is large, to the point where the steel belt can be deformed, the steel strip will produce deformation.

The deformation and internal stress of steel strip can be discussed in two cases, one is that it is not necessary to consider the uneven pigmentation of the steel strip on the upper and lower parts of the thickness direction, only the wave shape and tensile internal stress in the direction of length are analyzed. Another case is to consider the inhomogeneity of the steel belt on the upper and lower parts of the thickness direction,

The above isAnhuiSteel BeltManufacturersHua-branded steel beltFor you to introduce the introduction of steel belt deformation problem, I hope to understand the steel belt deformation problem is helpful. As long as steelWith manufacturers in the production process should also pay more attention, you can greatly avoid the emergence of deformation problems.