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Technology used in heat treatment of steel strip by heat treatment steel belt manufacturers
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Heat treatment process for manyHeat Treatment Steel Belt manufacturersIs no stranger, it is true that the existence of this technology so that the steel belt can be further enhanced, with today's achievements.Tongcheng Hua brandedSteel Belt Co., Ltd. today to tell you about the steel belt heat treatment process for the steel belt in the end what kind of existence?

Steel belt in our life everywhere, architecture, hardware, strapping, packing tape and so on can see its figure, is its firm body to give more people a sense of security, favored by more customers, but also recognized by the communityA steel strip is made of carbon steel.Conveyor BeltAs a traction and delivery member of a belt conveyor, it can also be used for strapping cargois a variety ofSteel rollingA narrow, long steel plate produced by an enterprise in order to meet the needs of different industrial sectors for the industrial production of various types of metal or mechanical productsThe steel belt, also known as strip, is the width in theWithin 1300mm, the length varies slightly depending on the size of each volume. Steel strip is generally coiled supply, with high dimensional precision, good surface quality, easy processing, material saving and other advantages.

Heat treatment Steel belt manufacturers in the production of steel belt are known, heat treatment is divided into3 main processes, steel annealing, steel quenching, and other heat treatment, annealing is in the tissue in the deviation from the equilibrium state of the steel heating to a certain extent, insulation and then slow cooling of a process to obtain near equilibrium state of the tissue; quenching is when the heating temperature reaches the critical point above, insulation for a certain period of time for Austenite, After rapid cooling, the process of martensite transformation takes place, getting the required tissue and performance

The above isTongcheng Hua brandedSteel Belt Co., Ltd.Heat Treatment Steel Belt manufacturersIn the heat treatment used in the use of the process to explain some of the knowledge, before the advent of a product must be strictly handled, more scientific, more innovative technology in order to obtain more customer recognition,The company uses high-quality imported steel and domestic steel belt, with sophisticated equipment, coupled with continuous innovation in technology, quality excellence of the pursuit of attitude, strict quality control system, the production of high-quality products.