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Cold rolled steel strip manufacturers introduce the advantages of China's branded steel strip
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

Today, cold-rolled steel strip manufacturers introduce the advantages of Hua-brand cold-rolled steel strips, and hope to help everyone when choosing cold-rolled steel strips.

I. Resource advantage: Hua-brand cold-rolled steel strip is made of Q235 plain carbon steel and processed by cold processing. It can tap the inherent potential of steel bar itself without adding any other alloying elements, which greatly saves precious alloy resources.

Second, the process advantage: Hua-brand cold-rolled steel strip with Q235 ordinary carbon steel as raw material, after cold-rolling rolling and on-line heat treatment, from raw materials to products, production takes only one minute, the process is simple.

Third, the environmental advantages: Hua-brand cold-rolled steel strip in the cold rolling heat treatment production process, no waste water, no waste gas, no pollution, is conducive to environmental protection.

Fourth, the variety of specifications advantages: Hua-brand cold-rolled steel strip mainly produces 5mm - 12mm small size steel, small size, variety, bulk, high efficiency. It can be supplied in straight line without straightening to avoid “slimming” during construction. It is mainly used for reinforced concrete structural slabs and shear wall stirrups and reinforcements, and is easy to adapt to the market demand of urban and rural housing construction.

V. Advantages of material saving: Huixin cold-rolled steel strip produced by Linyihua branded steel strip manufacturers has high strength and strong seismic capacity. Each 100Mpa increase in strength can save 10% of steel, which can reduce the amount of steel and reduce the construction cost.

Cold-rolled steel strip manufacturer Hualing Steel Strip Co., Ltd. is a private technology enterprise specializing in R&D, processing and sales of heat-treated steel strips. The company uses high-quality imported steel and domestic steel belts, coupled with sophisticated equipment, coupled with continuous innovation of technology, quality pursuit of excellence, strict quality control system, production of high-quality products.

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