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Main features of T10A steel belt
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

T10A Steel Beltis to useT10A steel processing from a steel belt, today, the small part of the Chinese-branded steel belt to tell you about the T10A steel beltKey Features

T10A Steel BeltStrength and wear resistance are moreT8 and T9 high, but low thermal hardness, hardenability is not high and quenching deformation is large. Suitable for manufacturing cutting conditions, wear resistance requirements, and not by sudden and violent vibration, the need for a certain toughness and a sharp knife of various tools, such as car knives, planer, drill bits, paper cutter, low-precision and simple shape of the gauges (such as card boards, etc.)The advantages are good processability, cheap price, easy source, but poor hardenability, quenching deformation is large, because the steel contains less alloy elements, low tempering resistance, and therefore low bearing capacity. Although there is high hardness and wear resistance, but small section workpiece toughness is insufficient, large section billet has residual mesh carbonization tendency.

T10A Steel after the global minimum heating temperature of 740 ℃, the best isothermal temperature 690℃-720℃, the appearance of flake carbide heating temperature of 780 ℃, thermal softening temperature of 250 ℃, hardened depth for water quenching 15-18mm, oil quenching 5-7mm. The steel is roughing in annealing state, then quenching low temperature tempering to high hardness, and then finishing. Get high abrasion resistance and specular polishing. Low carbon martensitic low temperature quenching, so that has a high wear resistance and strong toughness, to prevent and reduce deformation and cracking phenomenon.

The above isIsAbout the small part of Hua branding.T10A Steel BeltThe entire content of the main features,Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in heat treatment steel belt R & amp; d, processing, sales as one of the private science and technology enterprises. The company uses high-quality imported steel and domestic steel belt, with sophisticated equipment, coupled with continuous innovation in technology, quality excellence of the pursuit of attitude, strict quality control system, the production of products will never have quality problems.