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Anhui Steel Belt manufacturers teach you to reduce steel belt bonding
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

We all know that the steel strip has excellent mechanical properties and a bright surface. However, because the steel strip coil in the cover furnace annealing process is easy to produce bonding, its surface after leveling to form a horseshoe imprint, serious when the strip tear deformation to produce waste. So what good way to reduce the occurrence of bonding? How to improve the product yield?

In order to reduce the occurrence of bonding, improve the yield of products,Anhui Steel BeltManufacturersThe following measures are recommended:
1, in the guarantee that the steel belt to meet the performance requirements of the premise, appropriate reduction of the annealing temperature of some steel, reduce the occurrence of bonding. 2, in the guarantee that the steel belt can meet the stamping performance requirements of the premise, the appropriate increase in the leveling elongation, as far as possible to eliminate the bonding marks. 3, improve the coiling speed when the roll is flat to 10m/s, in order to reduce the deformation of the bonding place. 4, reduce the amount of iron powder in the emulsion and ash, enhance the finished road after the sweep pressure, so as to enhance the cleanliness of the plate surface, a good reduction in the occurrence of bonding. 5, the appropriate reduction of rolling coil tension value, strip cross section unit area tensile stress from the original 40n/mm2 reduced to 32n/mm2, thus reducing the radial stress value of the steel coil, reducing the occurrence of bonding. 6, the finished road using wool roller rolling, finished rack on the machine roll with the blasting machine for hair, roughness RA control in the 2.0~2.5μm range, increase the surface roughness of the rolling strip, to avoid the occurrence of bonding.
Above isAnhui Steel BeltManufacturersWah-brandedFeel good some good methods, can reduce the occurrence of bonding defects can also improve the yield of products Oh,You can try it.