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65 Manganese Steel Belt Standard
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

Today, we'll tell you about the small part of Hua-branded steel belt.65ManganeseSteel BeltStandard

Quenching temperature:830℃±20℃Tempering temperature:540℃±50℃ (when special needs, ±30℃65ManganeseSpring steel, manganese to improve hardenability,The steel oil of φ12mm can be quenched, the surface decarbonization tendency is smaller than that of silicon steel, and the comprehensive mechanical properties after heat treatment are better than that of carbon steel, but it has overheating sensitivity and tempering brittleness. Used as a small size of a variety of flat, round spring, cushion Spring, Spring clockwork, can also be made spring ring, valve spring, clutch reed, brake spring and cold drawing wire cold coil spiral Spring, etc.

Features & amp; scope of application65ManganeseStrengthHardnessElasticity and hardenability ratioNo. 65th Steel is high, with overheating sensitivity and tempering brittleness tendency, water quenching has the tendency to form cracks. The annealing state can be cut reasonably, the cold deformation plasticity is low, and the weldability is poor. Plate springs subject to medium loads, helical springs with diameters up to 7-20mm and spring washersSpring ring. High abrasion resistance parts, such as grinder spindleSpring Card HeadPrecision machine tool Wire rodCutting knifeRing on spiral roller bearingsRailway rails, etc.

Mechanical propertiesTensile strengthΣb (MPa)825~925 elongation δ10 (%)14~22.5 cross-sectional shrinkage Pi (%)Not greater than10

Hardness: Hot Rolling≤302HBHot rolled+ Heat Treatment ≤321HB cold-drawn annealing

Traditional periodic spheroidization annealing process, annealing temperature750 ℃, Insulation 2h, furnace cold to temperature (680±10) ℃, insulation 3h, and then furnace cold to 550 ℃, out of the air cold. Low production efficiency, oxidation decarbonization rate of 22%-40%, surface hardness and elasticity up to the requirements. Incomplete annealing of the new process, annealing temperature (740±10) ℃, insulation 4h, furnace cold to 550 ℃, out of the air cold. Tensile strength 600-620mpa, elongation 53.5%-40%, hardness 209-214hbw metallographic tissue for spherical pearlite + a small number of point-like Pearlite, shorten the production cycle, save energy.

Traditional annealing process, annealing temperature730 ℃, Insulation 13h, and then furnace cold to 650 ℃, out of the air cold. annealing new process: annealing temperature (860±10) ℃, insulation 45-60min, furnace cold to (750±10) ℃, insulation 3-3.5h, after the furnace cold to 650-660 ℃, out of the heap cold or into the insulation pit to slow cold. Metallographic organization meets the requirements: pearlite tissue 2.5-6, to level 4 is preferred, the process to improve efficiency of 80%-100%.

The above is65ManganeseSteel BeltStandard, I hope you have a simple understanding of this.