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Characteristics and application of Anhui steel belt
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Today, we're going to tell you about the little part of Hua branded.Anhui Steel BeltThe characteristics and uses of the.

A steel strip is a narrow, long steel plate produced to meet the needs of different industrial sectors. Its width is generallyWithin 300mm, but with the development of the economy, the width has no limit. Steel belt into a coil supply, with high dimensional precision, good surface quality, easy to process, save materials and other advantages. Widely used in the production of welded steel pipe, cold curved steel billet, the manufacture of bicycle frame, wheel ring, clamp, washer, spring sheet, saw blade and blade. Steel belt According to the material used is divided into ordinary steel belt and quality steel belt two types, according to the processing method of heat, cold rolling two.
Main features of the steel strip:1, steel belt is a large output, a wide range of uses, a variety of steel. According to the processing method is divided into hot rolled steel strip and cold rolled steel strip; According to thickness is divided into thin steel strip (thickness is not less than 4mm) and thick steel belt (thickness greater than 4m), according to width is divided into wide steel strip (width greater than 600mm) and narrow steel belt (width is not less than 600mm); , according to the appearance of the original rolling appearance and plating (coating) layer of the outer steel belt, according to the use of general and special (such as Hull, bridges, oil barrels, welded pipes, packaging, self-born vehicles, etc.) steel belt.
Steel belt is a kind of narrow and long steel plate which is consumed by all kinds of rolling enterprises in order to conform to the demand of various kinds of metal or mechanical products in different industrial sectors. The steel belt, also known as the Steel belt, is the width in theWithin 1300mm, the length varies slightly depending on the size of each embroiled. Strap Gundam is a common embroiled, with high dimensional precision, good appearance epithelium, easy to process, save materials and other advantages.

Use of steel Belts: The use of steel belts is extremely extensive, mainly used in the automotive industry, machinery manufacturing industry, construction engineering, steel structure, daily hardware and other fields, is cold rolled steel strip, cold bending steel, welded steel pipe and other steel raw materials. The typical processing technology of steel strip is: pickling-cold rolling-annealing-cold rolling-stripe-molding heat treatment.

That's what the little part brings about.Anhui Steel BeltFeatures and uses of the entire content, interested friends can log on to the official website of Hua branded.