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Classification and characteristics of Anhui steel belt
Edit:Tongcheng Hua branded Steel Belt Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-06

Steel belts are products made of carbon steel, and some places are calledStrip, long-term in the air or water will develop oxidation reaction corrosion, where the steel belt treatment can be very good to alleviate the phenomenon of corrosion, from the corrosion of electrochemical principles to find a solution to the corrosion of the steel belt method, so the treatment of straight orchid steel belt, black leather steel belt in the wet air or water will not be corroded, The service life has increased a lot over the year, which is a great achievement for the Industrial Revolution, so let's take a look atAnhuiSteel BeltOfClassification andCharacteristics

The steel belt is a steel with large output, wide use and many varieties. According to the processing method is divided into hot rolled steel strip andCold Rolled Steel StripAccording to thickness is divided into thin steel strip(Thickness not less than 4mm) and thick steel strip (thickness greater than 4mm)Divided into wide steel straps by width(width greater than 600mm) and narrow steel strip (width not less than 600mm)Narrow steel strip is divided into direct rolling narrow steel strip and longitudinal shear narrow steel strip by wide steel strip; According to the surface state is divided into the original rolling surface and the plating (coating) layer surface steel strip, according to the use is divided into general and special (such as Hull, bridge, oil barrel,Welded pipe, packaging, self-born cars, etc.) Steel strip.

1, the steel belt is a kind of through the appearance of lubrication to reduce the packing between the steel belt and between the steel belt and the packaging between the friction resistance, so that the steel belt tightened to make the packaging more tight2, the edge of the steel belt smooth without edges and corners, to avoid packing when scratching and scratching the packaging3, steel strip surface for linen packaging, according to customer requirements for packaging and tie with iron bars. 4, raw materials material for popular cold rolling plate. 5, the Use: Wooden box, color coating plate, steel strip, steel plate, steel strand, welded pipe, aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot, zinc ingot, such as packaging.

The above isAnhuiSteel BeltOfClassification andCharacteristicsLooking at the development prospects of steel belts in recent years is still particularly very broad market, so for the current development of steel belt manufacturers is a good opportunity, only to keep up with the current market development, and constantly meet people's needs can be better development.