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Production matters of Anhui steel belt
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A steel strip is made of carbon steel.Conveyor BeltAs a traction and delivery member of a belt conveyor, it can also be used for strapping cargo; It is a variety ofSteel rollingA narrow, long steel plate produced by an enterprise in order to meet the needs of different industrial sectors for the industrial production of various types of metal or mechanical products.Anhui Steel BeltManufacturers to take you to understand the steel belt production matters.

The steel belt, also known as strip, is the width in theWithin 1300mm, the length varies slightly depending on the size of each volume. Steel strip is generally coiled supply, with high dimensional precision, good surface quality, easy processing, material saving and other advantages. Steel belt According to the material used is divided into ordinary strip and high-quality strip two categories, according to the processing method divided into hot-rolled steel strip, cold-rolled strip belt two kinds.

Production matters:1, before the boot, must first check the equipment rotation parts and electrical parts are safe and reliable, if there is abnormal, to find the relevant personnel in a timely manner to repair. 2, the work site stacking materials should be neat, the channel must not have any obstacles. 3, the operator must wear overalls, the cuff corner tighten, wear a good work cap, gloves, protective mirror. 4. When driving, it is strictly forbidden to clean, refuel and repair the equipment, nor to clean the work space. It is strictly forbidden to touch the steel strip and the rotating part with your hands while driving. 5. It is strictly forbidden to put tools or other items on the equipment or protective cover while driving. 6, the use of electric hoist crane, should abide by the electric hoist safety operating procedures, should be checkedWire RopeWhether it is complete and easy to use, pay attention to whether the hook hangs well. The hanging steel strip is not allowed to hang the steel strip or hang it in the air during the production process.7, when the work is finished or midway power outage, should immediately cut off the power supply.

The above isAnhui Steel BeltThe production of the matter, I hope to help you.


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